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You’ve booked a family portrait, yahoo! But wait, what should you wear?!! Before tearing through your closet or buying out the entire J. Crew store, here are some tips. READ MORE ...


Is a little one on the way? Are you looking for a special portrait that will melt your heart? Find out what to expect and how and when to schedule your Newborn Photo Shoot with Rene Roy Photography. READ MORE ...


I sure can! And this is how it works. I have a 4 person minimum (or minimum charge). I need a 10x12 or larger area for setting up the lights and background (a board room or empty office works great). I need this area to be fairly open/empty or have furniture that can be moved out of the way. If we are doing environmental portraits, I will use a photogenic area of your office for the portraits. It takes about an hour to set up. I shoot directly to a laptop so you can see, and select your photograph that day! Each person takes about 10 min. This will include taking the photographs and helping each person choose their final photo.

Wardrobe: Let your employees know what to wear
If you want your employees to be wearing something specific let them know to have company t-shirts or button downs looking fresh and unwrinkled. If you are going for business casual, avoid bold patterns or tiny pinstripes. Solids look the best in photographs. Color is good, but neutrals like gray, black, or brown are nice, too. Make sure clothes are newer and free from pilling or stains. Low-cut or sleeveless attire should be avoided. If anyone feels unsure, they can always bring an extra shirt/tie/jacket and I will give them my opinion on what would look best!

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Rene Roy Photography COVID-19 Policy
I hope this message finds you healthy and safe. I applied and was officially approved by signed letter from the Maine Commissioner’s office as an essential business as of April 21st. As COVID-19 continues to impact our world, I will be following all recommended guidelines of the CDC and Maine Governor, Janet Mills. I have missed creating images for all of my clients and look forward to working with you now that things are beginning to re-open. I expect to be working double time the rest of the year! Please reach out if you have photography needs so I can have you on the radar. I’m committed to doing what’s best for our community and will do everything I can to help slow the spread of this virus. As things change, I promise to keep you informed. Please reach out if you have any questions about an upcoming scheduled event. “stronger together” Rene Roy