Meet Rene!

A determined nature and zest for life informs every one of her images. As an art student who fell in love with photography, Rene hit the pavement in Portland, knocking on studio doors, looking to work for established photographers who would show her the ropes. Through practical application and product photography, she learned how to manipulate light, capture the best angles, and get the right shot. She developed a working knowledge of and appreciation for the sophisticated equipment and lighting instruments that every photographer (who’s worth her salt) should have.

Her on-the-job training not only honed her craft, but also her business savvy. Resourceful, driven and unafraid to take a risk, Rene knew she could make her passion her business, and in 1998, she opened Rene Roy Photography.

Rene’s arts education from the University of Southern Maine has a dramatic influence on her work. She intrinsically understands composition, foreground, background, focus, color, shadow, light and dark. What does this mean? Rene knows how to bring out your best. With a keen sense of detail and photojournalistic eye, Rene’s images are not just pretty pictures, they are works of art.

And yet this artist is also a businesswoman who understands the value of your time. Back in her studio, Rene may scrutinize over every detail of your photos, agonizing over fixes and enhancements, but you’ll never know. Rene delivers exceptional photography on time and most certainly on budget.

For Rene, it’s about getting the shot and making the connection. She won’t rest until she does. It’s that shot and that moment that bring her clients joy, and there’s nothing better than that.

e-mail:  mobile: 207 838-6420