Maine Family Portraits: What to wear

You’ve booked a family portrait, yahoo! But wait, what should you wear?!! Before tearing through your closet or buying out the entire J. Crew store, here are some tips. There is no need to be twins, (because who dresses that way?) but do think about how the colors go together. I suggest picking a few colors and mix and match any hue or shade of the colors chosen. Example Blues, yellows, whites or; pinks, grays, blues. You get the idea. The larger the group, the better to keep it simple and stick with solids if you can. I sometimes photograph large family groups vacationing in Maine. I know it’s a challenge when you are packing for hiking Cadillac Mountain, or water skiing on Sebago, so using the simple color theme method really works. Here is an example of a large group that did a good job with this. You can see how distracting it would be if your crazy uncle Joe wore his neon green sweatshirt.

Bar Harbor-Maine-Portrait-Photographer-Vacation-Family-Portraits-Large-Family-Portraits

Large Family Portrait in Bar Harbor Maine

For smaller families, patterns can be added.  Choose carefully, as too many can be distracting. Laying the outfits out together can help with the process.  I also have some examples of clothing combinations both styles and colors on my Pinterest page   Avoid really bold patterns and graphic printed T-shirts.  When in doubt bring a couple extra shirts along and I’ll help you pick the best one for your portrait!



Maine-Forest-engagment-portrait-wedding-couple-maine photographer Rene Roy

couples portrait wearing blues


Minot-Maine-Children-Photographer-Barn-Portrait-brothers-Maine-Portrait-Photographer Rene Roy

A perfect mix of colors and pattern!

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